For Hugo For Life

A family's longing for a child lost to Meningitis

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A recent photo


It’s all in his eyes.

I’ve just realised, that when I look at the countless photos that I captured of my boy I scan them intently for his eyes because they tell me how he was feeling at that time. What was he thinking about when he was looking at daddy, what innocent and simple ideas were floating through him in that moment? I love his eyes. I can drown in them all day, beautiful, endearing, longing. One day looking at him will make me less sad.

This one I picked out because it is so Perfect. The image makes him alive to me, just for a little while. He tells me that he is perfect and ready for the next thing coming. It is a look that shows Hugo’s readiness to live, a moment when he is free from any emotion. It’s not showing baby happiness or excitedness or wanting.

It is just Hugo.
It’s you baby, my son and I see you again.
– daddy –